Gift Guide, Or Why I Refuse to Make One


If you’ve been expecting a gift guide from me, I apologize, but here’s my beef with the gift guide:

A. My family, Manfriend, and friends read my blog… (I think). If I tell you all my most brilliant gift ideas, then the surprise, er MAGIC of Christmas will be totally blown. I can’t be laying down hints!

B. Sadly, I don’t know your friends and family. So who am I to suggest what these strangers might like? What tickles one Mom’s fancy may not tickle another’s.

C. Don’t you hate when you are reading a gift guide, and you are actually struck with inspiration… Then, oh wait, just saw the price tag. Never in my mother’s/father’s/brother’s/boyfriend’s/bestie’s/pet’s wildest dreams are they getting that *insert amazingly perfect but over-budget gift here* from me. Maybe if I win the lottery… (Yes, I’m looking at you Gwyneth).

D. Don’t you hate when you are reading a gift guide, and it suggests a cheese platter with elephants on it for your Manfriend… Who are these men that actually seek out a platter when they want a simple snack? I’d be interested to meet such a fellow… Now, cheese sans a platter is a great gift. Who doesn’t love cheese?

So here is my guide to gift-giving this holiday season… Make yourself a budget and try your very best to stick to it. Don’t settle – if you can’t find the perfect thing before the holiday then write them an IOU until you can. Don’t stress – seriously, it is supposed to be fun. And, when in doubt, give cheese 🙂

P.S. I don’t mind sharing what I want under my tree for Christmas, so stay tuned for a Hillary’s Holiday Wish-List.

Have a great weekend!

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