Tom Ford fills the voids in women’s closets everywhere

I know I am not alone in thinking it is about time Tom Ford made bike shorts. We have all been waiting a long time for the perfect chub-rub solution from the designer, and it is finally here. Thank you. But it doesn’t stop there…

We can also now purchase our own Matrix coat straight from the Tom Ford collection. The Neos of the world will find you irresistible, ladies.

But if the Matrix isn’t your thing, why not try a bold-hued superhero cape disguised as a cocktail dress? You never know when there will be trouble…

And then there’s this little number. What the !@*$ is it you might wonder? According to the Manfriend, it is the Wu Tang Clan symbol in dress-form. Uhhh… he might actually be right. 

To be fair, I do genuinely like the rest of (er, most of) Tom Ford’s Spring 2013 collection. But some of the looks definitely left me scratching my head… What did you think?

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