Thinking About a Change

I get bored sometimes. Not in the way a child does when they have nothing to do, or the way a cubicle worker does when he stares blankly at his computer. Rather, I get bored with my look… Some people pick a signature look and stick with it. (Hello Michael Kors). But for some reason, I can’t seem to do that. This is why I am constantly adding to my closet, changing my hair cut and color, and getting tattoos or piercings… But aside from boredom, I want a haircut because this full head of hair is driving me crazy in the summer heat! If only my bangs could magically disappear… Anyway, here are some styles I am considering/wish I could rock/want your opinion on:

I desperately wish I could pull off a super short hairstyle…

Or should I just suffer through the heat and humidity and keep the look I have? I could always change the color again if my boredom hits a peak… Thoughts in the comments, please!

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