Weekend Recap: New Looks

There are a couple of things going on here. First, my hair is darker. Second, I’m killing it in this dress/jeans/sneakers combo… wouldn’t you agree?

photo (64)

This weekend I attended back-to-back holiday parties, so the girls and I went shopping for cocktail dresses. It just so happens that I found mine at a pop-up shop in Union Square. Had to make sure it fit before purchasing, so… No shame. Thank god for friends who insist upon are willing to snap a pic at a time like this. I bought the dress, paired it with a vintage belt, sheer tights, and ankle booties… Left the jeans and sneakers at home. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Recap: Down Time

Well I can’t Instagram a photo of the back of my eyelids, so I have no images to supplement my weekend recap… I spent most of the weekend cuddled up with the manfriend, watching Homeland (and football). It is unbelievably nice sometimes to wear comfy pajamas (not a blog-worthy look) and just veg out (lay like broccoli) with someone you love. Oh, and to get some sleep! Call me an old lady if you want, but I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

And since I don’t have weekend pictures, here is my life lately, via Instagram. Enjoy

Preparation for facing the Nor’Easter & Beautiful dried roses hanging on my wall

Annual Lighting of the Bow at Cartier 5th Avenue Mansion

New Things: Gorjana Rings and Sandals c/o Steve Madden (both worn in a recent shoot – stay tuned!)

Weekend Recap: Boston

Took the trip up to Boston this weekend, trying to escape my cold, dark apartment in NYC. It was beautiful this weekend, so we strolled through the park on the way to brunch at The Paramount. Later we grabbed a drink (or two, or more) at Forum. We kept ordering because there were so many unique concoctions on the menu that we HAD to try. The one pictured above was the “Angry Rita.” Then we popped over to Sugar Heaven, one of our favorite spots… do I really need to explain why? And of course, had to get this wine because, well… wine, candy, and Boston are wicked good. Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

P.S. Although my power is back, I know there are still many people whose lives are not restored to normalcy, so please keep them in mind, and if you are able to donate to a relief fund, please do. Thanks!

Weekend Recap: Calm Before the Storm

Quick weekend recap: On Saturday, the manfriend and I went to a candy bar to stock up (“adult-Halloween”) then hit the movie theater to see Argo. I wore these new “kicks” a lot this weekend. I’m not usually a sneaker girl (like, at all), but this pair seemed perfect to throw on with anything from jeans to a flirty skirt to walk the streets of New York. On Sunday, we grabbed brunch at a cute spot called The Half Pint in Greenwich Village, then browsed a cool record store nearby, before I started prepping to hole up for the storm. Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Weekend Recap: Oktoberfest

This weekend, we went to the Radegast Hall Biergarten to celebrate Oktoberfest with yummy food, drinks, and great company. See some highlights from the day below…

Clockwise from Top: Goofy Manfriend and I, Oktoberfest line-up, giant pretzel, and Cards Against Humanity (a.k.a funniest game ever!) – Photos on left courtesy of Cal

Hope you all had a great weekend! P.S. I am wearing Zara striped sweater-dress (love this version by Joie) and pashmina scarf via Marshalls.

Weekend Recap: Rings and Things

Went home this weekend to catch up with friends and family… Clockwise from top: 1. Received my replacement Allison Daniel snake ring in the mail… Great news, because I was starting to feel naked without it. 2. No trip home is complete without some good old New England seafood from Browns. 3. Laying poolside with le dog and my Fall InStyle. 4. Saw Evita on Broadway, which was nothing short of amazing.

Weekend Recap: Coney Island

The trip begins…

Scream Zone… somehow I was convinced to ride BOTH scary roller coasters

Hot mess, wearing – Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Tank: UO (similar), Shorts: UO (old), Watch: Michael Kors

A more mild ride: The Tickler
Delicious funnel cake, which I got all over my face
Cool old fashioned cash register… plus it is PINK!

We had a great day spent at Coney Island. The manfriend and I were like little kids again! We went on rides, played a couple carnival games, walked the boardwalk, and enjoyed some funnel cake and ice cream. What could be better? Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Weekend Recap: Home Sweet Home

Went back home this weekend, where I was totally spoiled by my saint of a mother… Can you say poolside cocktails and lazy man girl lobster?? Plus, I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather…  Anyway, here are some highlights from the weekend with the family!

My Skylar waiting for her frisbee to be thrown, a bucket of delicious lobsters, a backyard game of bags, a vacant float with my name on it in the pool

P.S. I finally got the hair cut… Pictures to come!

Weekend Recap: Escaping the City

This weekend, the manfriend and I took a much-needed break from the heat in NYC and headed home to his house on the water in Gloucester. It was an amazing weekend with lots to share, but first here are just some highlights:

Welcome to Gloucester sign, a visit to Lobsta Land, comfy maxi skirt and knotted tee combo, coupla’ chairs by the pool, Candy House, aaaand Duncan…

Weekend Recap and New Things

I spent much of my weekend recovering from a sprained ankle… This is what I get for ignoring my washed-up athlete status and challenging the manfriend to a friendly game of basketball. The rest of the weekend was spent shopping in Soho… It was slow and painful, but I will fight through almost anything if the opportunity for new purchases is involved…

Here is what I took home:

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James jeans (also love this slouchy pair)
Boutique 9 Sandals
Zara high-low skirt (similar) and Joe’s Jeans chambray shirt (similar)

Of course none of these items were on my list, so I will need to hit the stores again soon… muahaha 🙂