Currently Craving: Mondo Guerra Rorschach Dress

Since the season finale of Project Runway All Stars, I haven’t stopped thinking about this Rorschach inspired dress. I want need this dress.

I will literally do anything -climb every mountain, forge every stream, follow every rainbow…(er, you get the point,) until this fabulous item hangs in my closet. The pop of red on the sleeve is a brilliant design detail, and can you believe he made this print himself?! Incredible. Is anyone else as obsessed with Mondo Guerra and his amazing work as I am?

2 thoughts on “Currently Craving: Mondo Guerra Rorschach Dress

  1. Omg me too!! Any word on if and when it willbe available?? I need it too. Have the perfect shoes for it already!

    1. No word yet. 🙁 I thought it would be sold on Neiman Marcus, but I haven’t seen it on the site yet.

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