Christmas Goodies

Santa was very good to me this year. Remember my Christmas wish-list post? Everything on my list was under the tree on Christmas day! I’m a very lucky lady… Here’s a peek at some of my goodies.

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Lela Rose lace top, Calvin Klein coat, J. Crew trousers, Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse, Hartmann weekender bag, Banana Republic tweed blazer, and Maybelline mega plus mascara

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday! And what is the favorite gift you received? Share with me in the comments!

Collage via Polyvore.

Gift Guide, Or Why I Refuse to Make One


If you’ve been expecting a gift guide from me, I apologize, but here’s my beef with the gift guide:

A. My family, Manfriend, and friends read my blog… (I think). If I tell you all my most brilliant gift ideas, then the surprise, er MAGIC of Christmas will be totally blown. I can’t be laying down hints!

B. Sadly, I don’t know your friends and family. So who am I to suggest what these strangers might like? What tickles one Mom’s fancy may not tickle another’s.

C. Don’t you hate when you are reading a gift guide, and you are actually struck with inspiration… Then, oh wait, just saw the price tag. Never in my mother’s/father’s/brother’s/boyfriend’s/bestie’s/pet’s wildest dreams are they getting that *insert amazingly perfect but over-budget gift here* from me. Maybe if I win the lottery… (Yes, I’m looking at you Gwyneth).

D. Don’t you hate when you are reading a gift guide, and it suggests a cheese platter with elephants on it for your Manfriend… Who are these men that actually seek out a platter when they want a simple snack? I’d be interested to meet such a fellow… Now, cheese sans a platter is a great gift. Who doesn’t love cheese?

So here is my guide to gift-giving this holiday season… Make yourself a budget and try your very best to stick to it. Don’t settle – if you can’t find the perfect thing before the holiday then write them an IOU until you can. Don’t stress – seriously, it is supposed to be fun. And, when in doubt, give cheese 🙂

P.S. I don’t mind sharing what I want under my tree for Christmas, so stay tuned for a Hillary’s Holiday Wish-List.

Have a great weekend!

Weekend Recap: New Looks

There are a couple of things going on here. First, my hair is darker. Second, I’m killing it in this dress/jeans/sneakers combo… wouldn’t you agree?

photo (64)

This weekend I attended back-to-back holiday parties, so the girls and I went shopping for cocktail dresses. It just so happens that I found mine at a pop-up shop in Union Square. Had to make sure it fit before purchasing, so… No shame. Thank god for friends who insist upon are willing to snap a pic at a time like this. I bought the dress, paired it with a vintage belt, sheer tights, and ankle booties… Left the jeans and sneakers at home. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Let’s Start Styling!

Hi Fellow Fashion-Enthusiasts, 

I just launched my Keaton Row business, an online personal styling service. Check out my profile here:

If you sign up on my profile link, you will be invited to be among the first 100 clients during the December launch of KR. (100% online!) And, there will be a complimentary session for all clients in December.

For more information on how it works, check out my profile and the Keaton Row website.

Come on, you know you want to work with me! Thanks, HCB

It’s never too early for Holiday Spirit

I have a soft spot for the Christmas holiday. Thanksgiving has never been my friend, because I don’t like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc. I do enjoy a slice or two or three of pie though 🙂 … Anyway, I look forward to that time after the Thanksgiving holiday has passed when it becomes “socially acceptable” for me to watch Christmas movies (was totally caught in July by the manfriend watching White Christmas on Netflix), wear holiday-themed socks, listen to holiday music on my iPod, (“er, oops did I not press skip when All I Want for Christmas is You came on? My mistake…”) and break out some festive decorations. So, friends, here is an Insta-preview into my holiday celebrations…

My Holiday spirit started with the lighting of the bow at Cartier, and it continued at the holiday party, where I donned a variety of holiday-themed headwear, like this number above… 

Then, my fabulous Mother and I went to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, where I popped my Rockette’s cherry. 

And to round out my holiday-cheer update, the trees have arrived!! From the decorated trees rooted in the sidewalk and the fresh pine smell of the Christmas trees for sale, to my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree at home… I’m enamored. Get yourself some spirit, people! Because I have just begun…

Weekend Recap: Down Time

Well I can’t Instagram a photo of the back of my eyelids, so I have no images to supplement my weekend recap… I spent most of the weekend cuddled up with the manfriend, watching Homeland (and football). It is unbelievably nice sometimes to wear comfy pajamas (not a blog-worthy look) and just veg out (lay like broccoli) with someone you love. Oh, and to get some sleep! Call me an old lady if you want, but I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

And since I don’t have weekend pictures, here is my life lately, via Instagram. Enjoy

Preparation for facing the Nor’Easter & Beautiful dried roses hanging on my wall

Annual Lighting of the Bow at Cartier 5th Avenue Mansion

New Things: Gorjana Rings and Sandals c/o Steve Madden (both worn in a recent shoot – stay tuned!)

Weekend Recap: Boston

Took the trip up to Boston this weekend, trying to escape my cold, dark apartment in NYC. It was beautiful this weekend, so we strolled through the park on the way to brunch at The Paramount. Later we grabbed a drink (or two, or more) at Forum. We kept ordering because there were so many unique concoctions on the menu that we HAD to try. The one pictured above was the “Angry Rita.” Then we popped over to Sugar Heaven, one of our favorite spots… do I really need to explain why? And of course, had to get this wine because, well… wine, candy, and Boston are wicked good. Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

P.S. Although my power is back, I know there are still many people whose lives are not restored to normalcy, so please keep them in mind, and if you are able to donate to a relief fund, please do. Thanks!

Weekend Recap: Calm Before the Storm

Quick weekend recap: On Saturday, the manfriend and I went to a candy bar to stock up (“adult-Halloween”) then hit the movie theater to see Argo. I wore these new “kicks” a lot this weekend. I’m not usually a sneaker girl (like, at all), but this pair seemed perfect to throw on with anything from jeans to a flirty skirt to walk the streets of New York. On Sunday, we grabbed brunch at a cute spot called The Half Pint in Greenwich Village, then browsed a cool record store nearby, before I started prepping to hole up for the storm. Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Birthday Recap

Not your average gift-wrap.
Once on Broadway… Tony award winner for best musical. Highly recommend.
Adorable Kate Spade bag, and it’s all mine!

Got all the things that are good… tickets to an excellent show, a beautiful bag wrapped in an equally beautiful box, and a fun dinner out with my best friend. XO


So, I’m another year older, and the past year has been a big one. Since my last birthday, I…

Went on my first trip to St. Thomas, where it rained all week
Graduated college, leaving behind a place and many people that I love
Finally grew up and bought an iPhone
Cut my bangs, let them grow out, cut my bangs again
Needed eyeglasses for the first time, and splurged on a Tiffany’s pair (er, Thanks Mom & Dad)
Moved to New York City, from a teeny-tiny town in MA – also leaving behind a place and people I love
Began a new job with a great company
Oh, and I started a blog!!

Am I where I thought I would be or want to be…? Honestly, not yet. But luckily, I have at least a few more birthdays ahead of me. I’ve been making a list of all the things I want to accomplish in the next year, and let’s just say, I better get started!